Autumn jackpots in the “Shangri La”casino in Tbilisi

Autumn jackpots in the “Shangri La”casino in Tbilisi

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The “Shangri La” gambling house in Tbilisi, operated by “Storm International”, began a series of autumn jackpots to brighten up the saddest season of the year. So, every Wednesday, starting from September 13, 2017, slot hall players will be able to win additional jackpot prize to his winnings.

To become a guest of slot hall in the casino “Shangri La Tbilisi”, it is enough to reach 18 years of age. Slot halls havedozens of modern slot machines and all guests has opportunity not only to get a win from any particular slot, but also to get an additional bonus – the jackpot.

Wednesday slot jackpot on winnings, Darren Keen, Storm International CEO said, has total amount of 4000 GEL, plus 500 GEL  on the jackpot.

The distribution of prize amounts is as follows:

  • 2 prizes of 250 GEL;
  • 4 prizes of 300 GEL;
  • 2 prizes of 400 GEL;
  • 1 prize in the amount of 500 GEL;
  • 1 prize in the amount of 1000 GEL;
  • and 500 GEL on the jackpot.

The Georgian “Shangri La”branch offers an excellent way to brighten up the autumn days. In addition, a lottery ticket of every guest of Wednesday evening is also involved in Saturday’s lottery. And if the Wednesday’s jackpot does not find its new owner, Darren Keane said its amount is not canceled, but is added to the jackpot of the next week.

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