How do you Plan for a Smart Home?

How do you Plan for a Smart Home?

- in Technology

Whether constructing a new home or you are remodeling your old home, a proper pre-wiring is advisable for the technology system of your home. The following systems will perform their best on a low voltage wiring integrated into the walls, ceiling and foundation of the home:

  • Wired and wireless home networks
  • Whole house home av, inside as well as outside your home
  • Whole house TV and movie distribution
  • Lighting and motorized window and door systems
  • Security and surveillance systems

The Blue Print

Detailed construction blueprint will be required by your architect and electrical engineer for doing so. Locations for the ceiling/wall speakers, cameras, lighting control keypads, TVs, and network control racks locations will be determined, and they will draw the plans for the low voltage wiring. The outdoor supply areas should also have the wiring for video and audio low voltage line at the area of the outdoor entertainment area.

The Plans

If you are planning for home theater, your home theater and surround sound media entertainment areas needs special designs. This includes calculating the projector and screen or television areas, and the placement of your surround speakers and their sizing. For the best experience, today’s immersive audio and video entertainment need good planning and thoughts for low voltage prewire planning.

A plan with good designs should be handed over to the contractor who is going to construct your house. Your first plan is to make a design of your house with an expert architect and discuss with him which would be the entertainment areas, outdoors and indoor of your home. Then you should contact an electrical expert, an electrical engineer would be good, and she/he will look at the design workout and suggest any recommendation he would need. Then with the help of the electrical expert, your house low voltage wiring will be done,and of course, your contractor of the house will be with you in all those steps.

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