Marketing Automation: New Heights for Customer Engagement

Marketing Automation: New Heights for Customer Engagement

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A marketing premise says it will take more resources to acquire new customers than it will to hold onto them. Customers come from anywhere and touch any of the sales channels you have available. Marketing automation has revolutionized the process of customer information capture and dissemination.

Customers may respond to emails, then visit your website. If your product fills a need they may reach out and request information. After a few more weeks of shopping, the desire or need arises again and they touch one of your marketing channels. The efficient marketing department will have processes in place to move the customer along to the next stage of a sale.

Once a piece of information has been captured it can then be streamlined into useable action items. As more pieces of information are captured a complete picture of the customer takes shape.
Marketing automation is the technology that captures customer information then processes it into usable data. Current software offerings encompass the gamut of every conceivable marketing function. The downside to this type of software, it needs a lot of information to function. Marketers are frustrated, then resort to buying email lists and customer data. The problem then becomes, sales are not being generated by nurturing a customer to a sale.

Marketing takes work, it is not a process of one and done. A marketer does not simply put in some customer data then sales start tumbling out the other side. Marketing automation is a piece of the puzzle and should be treated as such. There are many myths connected to the process of modern marketing automation. Too many marketers turn to these types of tools then forget the sound principles of sales and marketing.

Marketing automation is a long-term process of nurturing leads to fruition. Modern marketing tailor’s individual messages to each customer who will interact with your brand. According to every aspect of the customer journey with your brand can now be tailored.

In the past, sending an email campaign was simply a placeholder for the first name, then maybe some other generic information. With advanced marketing automation techniques, interaction with a customer now yields dynamic content and highly relevant information. Digital ads are now pushed to the customer at the right place and the right time.

The significance of modern marketing automation is the combination of marketing channels that can be analyzed and then acted upon. If the marketer is intent on the effects of one email campaign, other channels are ignored. This gives the marketer limited scope and forecast. The beauty of the modern technique, all channels can be analyzed then a comprehensive forecast can be developed.

Marketing automation software will lead the user to many new terms and concepts. Marketers should pay attention to what is important only to their company. There will be extensive learning curves to any new way of doing things. Marketing automation has the potential to take your company to new heights if you let it.

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