Maternity crowdfunding for India’s rural poor/tribal

Maternity crowdfunding for India’s rural poor/tribal

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According to statistics by the WHO, 5,36,000 women die each year due to maternity related health problems in India. Lakhs more suffer from comorbidities and other diseases, due to poor prenatal and postnatal care. Quality related issues for long have been a concern for India. WHile there have been significant improvements in several aspects such as life expectancy ad total fertility rate, the same can’t be said for maternal mortality ratio  and infant mortality rate. The problem of poor maternal health care in rural India can be attributed to two main reasons:

  1. Low levels of awareness about health care practices and diseases.
  2. Low income families from rural areas can’t afford medical treatment.
  3. Dismal quality of maternal care facilities (where they are present) in rural areas.

At Impact Guru, we have been instrumental in assisting many families from low income groups to raise money through crowdfunding India campaigns. Moreover, we’ve hosted several campaigner who’ve raised money to start/ bring improvements in health care facilities in India. Through our crowdfunding India platform, we hope to extend our support for the cause of maternal health in rural areas.

Through effective crowdfunding campaigns, we can tackle one problem at a time, starting with education and awareness. In rural India, many women still deliver through home births. While there is nothing wrong with the practice of home births, having knowledge about safety, precautions, and hygiene practices is essential. Moreover, it is important that the mother’s and the babies’ vitals are checked post pregnancy. It is also necessary to educate mothers on prenatal care, to avoid any complications, diseases, or deficiencies, and how to tackle them. Educating them on food and nutrition practices will also ensure healthy pregnancies. But most importantly awareness campaigns must make women aware of the fact that there are specialized clinics that they can visit during the nine months of gestation, for the delivery itself, and after. It’s amazing to think what a bit of awareness can do, to bring down the numbers of maternity related deaths in India.

When speaking of financial restrictions of rural families, crowdfunding has already changed the way people think of health care. Initially people considered medical loans and insurances for money related issues, but now crowdfunding is as much, if not a more practical solution to afford medical treatment. The very same must be applied for expecting mothers. Mothers can raise money for medical test, routine doctors visits, hospital charges, medications and supplementation, and delivery.

If a simple crowdfunding campaign can ensure a health term of pregnancy for even one mother, then we must encourage it. You could be raising funds for a mother from a low income group, or setting up a maternity clinic, or educating women on practices for a health pregnancy, or setting up medical camps in rural areas – financial support for all related causes cn always be found at Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India website.

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