Serial Over Ethernet Connector: Rich Features To Look Into

Serial Over Ethernet Connector: Rich Features To Look Into

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Are you looking for ways to work on Serial Over IP? With the help of simple software, you can get the chance to access and share serial port over the current IP network.  This SEC Connector, also known as Serial too Ethernet Connector, comes with a new interface and a revamped version of the engine. This software based solution helps you to share about 500 Serial port over IP or TCP network. That works wonder in turning your system into that low costing terminal server. Therefore, any serial port device can easily be made accessible from anywhere you want with the help of this Serial over IP technology.

Easy sharing option to follow:

This SEC can always be defined as an easy way to share Serial over TCP, IP or other networks. The procedures are simple and mentioned in details. This is solely based on virtual section of the serial port technology. It helps you to access devices, which arecurrently located on remote PC, only when plugged into own computer. Applications, which are currently using remote devices, are likely to treat them as some of the local ones.

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Extended form of configuration options:

You are always asked to try to easily modify the current communication port parameters, without even reopening the ports. These ports are basically configured automatically every time while booting your system. You can further get the chance to customize the connection parameters of the serial port like flow control, parity, baud rate, stop bits, data bits and more.

Higher compatible version:

SEC for RS232 over IP comes with higher compatibility rate. It is fully compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 2003 and even from 2008 to 2010 versions. It can further run on the multi-processor systems and hyper-threaded ones and under Virtual machines. That shows the reasons behind its high rate of popularity among masses.

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