Things to consider when buying an ink cartridge

Things to consider when buying an ink cartridge

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Cartridges are required in a printer as tires are required for a car; you cannot get the best performance from your printer until you have the cartridge that suits your printer’s and your own requirements. If you are not aware of which ink cartridge to buy, you should buy one that is manufactured by a well-known company and a brand that many regular users rely on and recommend. If you want to print for your basic needs, then you should buy a popular and reliable product likeHP 61xl ink cartridges at or any other product that general users use.

  • What is the page yielding capacity of the cartridge?

When you want to buy an ink cartridge, you aim to buy one that will keep you going for the long run. You should buy an ink cartridge that has a page yielding capacity of around 500 pages. This should be adequate for the needs of a basic user for a number of months. Make sure that you do not buy ink cartridges with page yielding capacity of 200-300 pages or less, which will run out quickly.

  • What is the cost per page of the cartridge?

When you are looking to buy an ink cartridge, you are obviously looking for the best performance with lowest costs. Sometimes a product may seem cheap on the outside because of its low purchase cost, but the cost per page might be quite high. You should buy an ink cartridge that does not burn a hole in your pocket, i.e. which has a low cost per page – the true measure of the monetary cost of a cartridge. An ink cartridge with a cost per page of fewer than 10 cents like the HP 61xl ink cartridges at 123inkcartridges.cais the ideal product.

  • Is the ink cartridge authentic or not?

There are many buying options in the market, with the same brand available from multiple sources. Not all of these sources are completely authentic. When you buy an ink cartridge, you would want to make sure that it is genuine and has the proper attributes of an authentic ink cartridge. Usually, an authentic ink cartridge is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) type of product. These OEM products contain all the attributes of an authentic product.

These are the things one should consider before buying an ink cartridge.

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